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We help universities, colleges and schools create educational programs that integrate location-based games. Games that turn a student into a historical expert, neighborhood journalist, environmental scientist or urban planner. But students do not only play, they also learn by designing games themselves! We give you the guidelines to design them, tools to create them, apps to play them and methods to implement them.

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Personal Channel

Manage access, publish your games and monitor progress. Simply subscribe.

Game Maker

Link photos, videos, sounds, notes, slideshows, challenges and rewards to places and add game mechanics. No programming required!


Navigate places, perform challenges and upload media. Share your experiences via Facebook and Twitter. For iPhone and Android.

Game Community

Explore all available games and learn from each other. Each game has its own page!

Admin tools

Manage all games in your channel and monitor student game results.


Support, inspiration and guidance for setting up your program.
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