Global Gincana was an educational project on cultural exchange between Brasil and the Netherlands.

With Global Gincana, high school students in Amsterdam and São Paulo (Brasil) exchanged their thoughts and experiences on different cultural themes by playing new types of urban games. The idea was to have teams at two different locations connect with and compete against each other in a mobile urban game that is based on the Brasilian community game Gincana.

Gincana is a traditional Brazilian collective game, in which kids are divided into groups that compete against each other, usually in an open setting. Participants are challenged to undertake different tasks, which can involve finding specific objects or information, and also sporting, cultural and artistic skills, in order to collect points.

The objective

Global Gincana searched for ways to combine these traditional Brasilian Gincana game principles with location-aware (GPS) mobile technology to create a new format of discovering cultural expression in urban environments.

The ultimate goal was to stimulate thinking about transformation of urban culture and cultural phenomena related to the multi-ethnic society. With the game, students explored how cultural themes such as music & dance, language, fashion, habits & rituals, design and art were impacted by the fact that Brasil and the Netherlands are multi-ethnic societies. By sharing experiences through mobile media and a webbased platform, students learn from each other’s culture and look at their own in new ways.

New ways of learning

Global Gincana explored the possibilities of the city as a learning environment, using location-based and mobile technology for cultural exchange. It addresses the search for new learning formats to present subjects in a new light and invite students to participate. Local Dutch and Brazilian cultural and educational organizations work together in developing the educational format to connect students in an innovate way, addressing them as players and producers of their own mobile games.

Global Gincana was a collaboration with Waag Society and Mobilefest. Please visit the projectsite for results and more information.