The project GPS? Reken maar! focuses on experience-based learning of mathematics and figures by using GPS.

GPS? Reken! maar (translated as GPS? You bet!) offers maths teachers the possibility to substitute parts of the curriculum and implement the games in the available hours. The project was developed for the first three classes of secondary school and complements studybooks like Getal & Ruimte. GPS? Reken maar! consists of three formats the teacher can choose from.

The figure game

‘Figures’ is played in a demarcated play-field surrounding the school. Goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible in a limited amount of time. Teams of two pupils can earn these by marking out squares, triangles and parallelograms in the play-field by using their mobile phones with GPS. The bigger the surface and the more difficult the type of figure, the more points the pupils earn.

Teams play against each other. Besides creating their own figures, pupils can also earn points by disturbing the figures of others and recreate their figures into others. The corners of the squares are stored online. After the game, the map with the created figures is available online to review the game in the classroom.

The maths walk

For a math-walk, players search their surroundings for mathematics discoveries. They use skills like counting, drawing, measuring and estimating to solve problems. They search for figures and shapes and virtual buildings. For example they use geometrical constructions to estimate the viewpoint from which a photo has been taken. And they follow geometric clues and decipher codes. A math-walk can be set up everywhere. After the walk it can be a nice challenge for pupils to set up a walk themselves.

Coordination game

In this mobile game, pupils will search for a treasure within a coordination scheme. The pupils do not know the coordinates beforehand. With different tasks and clues on their smartphone, pupils will count, reason and estimate which way they have to go to discover the coordination scheme. Teams compete against each other to earn points. This can be done by completing the tasks and finding the treasure.

The project GPS? Reken maar! has been honored in the 11th round of M-ICT. M-ICT, set up by the national government, is a program that contributes to solving social problems.