The innovative project ‘Learning while walking’ was set up to develop an educational method that integrates mobile phones.

The project, originally called ‘Lopend Leren’, was developed in collaboration with Technolab Leiden. Goal was to develop tools that use location based experiences in an educational way, to end up with an educational method that can be used for different subjects in secondary schools.

Technolab Leiden is an organisation that wants to excite youngsters about science and technology. To do so, the Lab enters educational partnerships and organises workshops and projects for classes and pupils ranging from 4 to 15 years. The method of Technolab Leiden is characterised as learning by playing. They stimulate pupils to discover, create and design themselves.

The project ‘Lopend Leren’ reflects this method, since the Lab developed the educational tools together with the pupils of the school Davinci College. First grade pupils (age 12 or 13) were instructed to develop an interactive tour for kids in the age of 11 or 12 in primary school. These first grade pupils are supported by students in the upper grades, so these older pupils could learn how to instruct and teach. They then work in teams to come up with a concept. For inspiration and content, they visited Museum Boerhaave.

For this project, we developed and integrated custom maps. With this feature it is possible to navigate not on a standard Google Map, but for example on a historic map or a fictional one. Check out our product page to learn more about this feature.

The games created are meant to teach kids about the history of Leiden. Using their phones, kids will explore the city, take on challenges and answer questions.