Davide Spallazzo, PhD candidate from the Design Department – INDACO – of Politecnico di Milano, has done research at our company on the use of mobile technology and locative media in the field of cultural heritage, trying to define new models of interaction between visitors and artworks/spaces and among visitors themselves.

Spallazzo: “The need of social engagement aroused by social networks and collaborative web is increasingly effecting museums and cultural institutions that are today facing new requirements from visitors that desire to create and share their own contents and connect with each other around them. In this direction moves the research that tries to exploit mobile technology and locative media to connect both directly and indirectly people during visits to museums, exhibitions and cities. Sharing information, creating contents, giving opinions, talking with others – in two words: being engaged – is an enjoying way of knowing and learning that can be exploited with a location-based cultural heritage platform.”

Spalazzo originally used the 7scenes platform (the platform we based the Mobile Learning Academy on) for a pilot project to test the first results of the research. Together with the Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni and INDACO Department a mobile tour in the city of Milan was set out guiding visitors to discover recent and old projects of one of the most famous Italian designers and architects, linking them with the museum collection. The project was launched in April 2011 during Salone del Mobile, that just this year celebrates 50 years of history and creativity. The pilot and research project are now a