Re-architect was a game on urban design, play and transformation, played in Hong Kong in 2008.

Re-architect took place during the Business of Design Week in the city of Hongkong in 2008. Hongkong has a wide variety in architecture. Traditional Chinese and European styles exist next to the modern skyscrapers. Hongkong has become the centre for modern architecture, but since there is a shortage in space, buildings continuously have to make way for new, even higher ones. So this city is the perfect spot for Re-architect.

Re-architect takes players on a photographic treasure hunt along the architectural past, present and future of a city. As the game unfolds players are asked to respond to design principles, investigate their surroundings and photograph the city from different architectural perspectives. The game asks the question; what changes would you make in the city?

On the individual level, players learn how they experience the city. As a collective, they re-design the city on a map. By doing this, Re-architect challenges to rethink the architecture of Hongkong and to comment on transformations in the landscape. Re-architect can be played with mobile phones with GPS technology, but also with just a paper map and a photocamera.

We developed this project in collaboration with Waag Society, the Hongkong Design Institute, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Dutch Architecture Institute (NAi) and the Business of Design Week.

For more information, please take a look at theĀ projectwebsite.