A mobile game made by pupils to discover a heritage copper mining town in Burra, South-Australia.

Part science, part history, part open-air museum, “Who was Johnny Green?” was developed to lead new audience groups to re-discover the science and history of Burra, a heritage copper mining town in South Australia. It takes them through a personal, interactive mobile experience which has as its focus a mystery to solve. The use of new digital media, mobile technology and a physical traditional map to play the adventure will more fully engage the youth of Australia in science.

The research, design, direction and field testing has largely been undertaken by a group of students of Year 7, 8 and 9 at Burra Community School.

The adventure game was framed around a narrative based on the mysterious figure of Johnny Green – the silent miner and mascot of the Burra Mines. He guides the user through the mine sites to show how science and engineering made their impact on the community. Each site reveals text, video, audio, photos or rewards. These clues and rewards will ultimately lead the user to solve the mystery of who Johnny Green really was.

Who was Johnny Green was developed by Roger Edmonds of Stone Swallow and supported by the Australian Government.