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What Will It Take to Bring Mobile Education to the Developing World?

Blogger Ian Quillen attempts to answer one of the “million dollar questions” in education in his post on He makes the important point that mobile technologies can be a supplement to the development of education in third-world countries. Even devices from lower price-ranges than the iPhone can provide an experience that can revolutionize the learning process.


Gamification: Making Life More Fun

This is a great blog post on innovation website Opinno. It gives several examples of how game mechanics make mundane everyday activities exciting. The author, Carrie Peters, explains how gamification can work wonders in engaging customers with products, but can also be a way to encourage responsible shopping, energy conservation and efficient driving.


Masterthesis on Games Atelier

This master thesis (written in 2008 by Kirsten Veelo at the Creative Learning Lab of Waag Society) describes the open source environment, Games Atelier, in which students of the secondary school learn, both by producing and playing educational location-based mobile games. The study investigates possible functionalities, a conceptual design and validated design principles for the Internet- based environment, based on the needs of the students and their teachers.

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