Training for Educators

Our training gives educators a theoretical foundation in Mobile Learning, discusses and analyses key projects and provides practical instructions for working with the Mobile Learning Academy. Held at our office in Amsterdam. For international training sessions, please contact us.

Pricing: €150,- per participant (4 hours, 10 p min., 30 p max)

Creative workshop for students

Creative workshops that take students through all the steps of developing Mobile Learning game concepts. Participants work in teams with the Game Maker creating their own prototypes. Workshops are held at our office in Amsterdam.

Pricing: €50,- per participant (3 hours, 10 p min., 30 p max)

Onsite support

Onsite support for when you play your games so everything runs extra smooth. Apart from troubleshooting we provide up to 10 iPhones for events. We only do onsite support in The Netherlands.

Pricing: €800,- (4 hours, 1 support person, 10 iPhones)

Custom features

Although the Mobile Learning Academy is already filled up with great features you might have a wish we haven’t covered just yet. We are set up in such a way that we can easily add new features to the platform, that we gladly develop for you. Let us know.