Do I need technical skills to create a Game?

No, our Gamemaker is designed so everyone can create a game. The Gamemaker will guide you through the process step by step and will tell you what to do when something doesn’t work.

The app doesn’t work on my Android smartphone. Why is that?

We support around 800 devices, but this can happen when your screen doesn’t meet the requirements of the screen resolution.

Can you tell me what the subsctiptions cost?

Sure, no problem. Have a look at our pricing page!

Is there an overview of all the features the platform has on offer?

There sure is! Check out our platform page. For more details you can also visit our howto Guide.

What kind of audio and video files should I use?

When creating your game, the Gamemaker will always show you the type of files that are supported. We recommend you use mp3 audio and mp4 video files.

Why does the app not connect to my phone?

The app uses special ports to connect to our servers for optimized speed. When you connect over a ‘closed’ wifi system, the app can not use these ports. Switch to a open wi-fi system or connect over 3G instead. If the problem keeps re-occurring, try turning wi-fi or 3G off and on again.

I’m not working at an educational institution, but I am involved in educational projects. Can I get a subscription?

Yes, you can. Please contact us.